Being “Discovered” – You Never Know What Will Happen


Life is unpredictable. You never know who you will meet and what door will lead to your dreams becoming a reality. No, there are never any guarantees that you will end up exactly where you imagined, but when you take a chance on yourself… When you REALLY go all-in and reach for the stars, you never know what greatness awaits you.

Sadly, a lot of actors will let their dreams wither away as time goes on. They love the craft and want to create art so badly, but give up on themselves and their dreams before they even begin! Fear starts to slowly creep in your head and before you know it you’re talking yourself into a 9-5 corporate job because being a paid working actor is not possible in your mind. You might start thinking you’re too old and your time has passed to become a successful actor. Or you don’t even know where to begin on your journey into the world of acting.

It all boils down to taking chances, no matter how terrifying they may be. When your heart is telling you to do something, DO IT! Sometimes doors will open in the most random places and at craziest times (usually when you least expect it to happen). Funny how that works, but it’s true. You have to trust the process and trust yourself! So how can you take chances? You can….

  • Reach out to film directors, casting agencies and try to make REAL connections.
  • Make your own projects (especially during slow seasons when you’re not booking much).
  • Go to networking events (conventions, film festivals and get-togethers of all kinds).
  • Live your life and have fun! For you will never know what crazy adventure will lead you to an unimaginable opportunity. Take Pamela Anderson for example… Did you know that she was discovered at a Canadian Football League? A cameraman put her image on the video board during the game which ultimately led her towards her modeling and acting career! You just never know what can happen, so get out there, have fun, and just live life!

It Seems Impossible Until It Happens.

Sometimes actors get it in their head that they have to already have an “in” to be a successful actor. While that would be nice to have someone like Nicholas Cage as your Uncle who could help you break into the business (not gonna lie, that would be pretty freaking awesome), you would miss so much along the way in your career – more on that in a future post!

There is never one path to get you to the big goal. As long as you have determination and the will to keep learning and growing, then you are headed towards greatness! Harrison Ford was working as a carpenter when he was discovered, Matthew McConaughey met a director in a Hotel Bar and Jenna Fischer was a struggling actor way before she was cast on The Office! Which, if you haven’t read her book by the way, I highly recommend it! The Actor’s Life: A Survival Guide by Jenna Fischer

To Quit or Keep Going.

That is the question… But here’s the thing: If you quit, you will never know what the outcome may be. If you keep going and following your heart to guide you where you are meant to be however, you could go further than you ever thought possible.

Keep going my friend. You never know what will happen and life has a funny way of taking us to where we are meant to be. Who knows what your DISCOVERED story may be!

“Embrace failure. It’s a stepping stone to success.”
-Jenna Fischer

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Picture of By: Shannon Scott

By: Shannon Scott

Hi, I'm Shannon! A performer and motivator who has always loved to make others smile through the art of entertainment. Thanks for taking the time to read my posts, listen to my podcast and following me for motivation! Best wishes my friend. Keep smiling and NEVER give up!

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