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Burn Baby Burn – Burning Rituals For Brighter Days


The clock stroke 12 and the New Year has officially began! But as you charge into the fresh New Year with all of your goals and aspirations shining in the distance – just waiting to be achieved, there might be something that is trying to hold you back from a prosperous year ahead…

Simply put, we are human and our emotions can get the best of us and because of it. Many of us put a LOT of pressure on ourselves if we don’t achieve our goals. The mind then starts to feed onto that and you end up going on a vicious cycle of NEGATIVITIES that will hold you back from achieving your goals. YOU are your worst enemy. Ask the people who are closest to you what they see, and you will be amazing at all of the GOOD they see in you. Because guess what, YOU ARE AMAZING! You are unique, beautiful and full of greatness, but you have to see it before you can achieve your dreams and goals you want to make a reality. So, it’s time to BURN BABY, BURN!

Now, this doesn’t mean you have to burn the whole house down.  You don’t want to get too crazy here, but you do want to cleanse your mind, body and soul for the New Year ahead. This is just a small burning ritual to reset your mind, body and soul. (Side note… This can be done any time of the year to reset your mind whenever you’re feeling down and you need to let some baggage go that is starting to take hold of your mind).

Burning Ritual

Ok, so now let’s get into the good stuff. All you need is a pen, piece of paper, lighter or match, a quiet space to write down anything that you are ready to LET GO, and of course a safe place to burn your piece of paper. Safety is always first!

Now that you have everything you need to perform a safe, cleansing burning ritual, start writing every little thing that is weighing you down. This is a new year and you deserve to have a bright outlook ahead. Because remember – you are capable of great things, because you ARE great!!!! Here are some examples below of what you might be able to write down. Please don’t hesitate to add anything you need. This is the time to BURN THAT CRAP so you are reset and filled with a fresh new outlook on life this year!

  1. I am not good enough…
  2. I am not worthy of love…
  3. I can’t do it..
  4. I tried but nothing seems to work…
  5. It’s too hard…

Again these are just a few examples above. Make it your own and add in things you have no control of. An abusive relationship, money problems, negative thoughts like the ones above… Anything and everything you want to say goodbye to.

Now crumple that paper up, whisper a short and sweet goodbye as you light that piece of paper up and set those bad thoughts on fire! 

Watch the flames eat up all of the negatives and let go of any painful, negative and harmful thoughts you might be clinging on to. 

Let go of the bad and breathe in the good. Knowing that you are heading towards a brighter, better New Year full of amazing things coming your way.

Remember – YOU ARE AMAZING and YOU DESERVE ALL OF YOUR HEARTS DESIRES. So dream big, and cheers to a bright New Year ahead!


Picture of By: Shannon Scott

By: Shannon Scott

Hi, I'm Shannon! A performer and motivator who has always loved to make others smile through the art of entertainment. Thanks for taking the time to read my posts, listen to my podcast and following me for motivation! Best wishes my friend. Keep smiling and NEVER give up!

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