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Giving Back


Simply Shannon Scott and The Indigo Phoenix Foundation are on a mission to prevent animal cruelty and homelessness! 

Founded by a licensed Veterinarian, The Indigo Phoenix Foundation is always there to help guide you on the right path to save an animal in need! 

You can help make a difference by making a donation, fostering a pet, volunteering or learning more about proper care of pets. Click a button below to get start helping today!

A Broken Spirit Finds Hope

Story by: The Indigo Phoenix Foundation

This is the story of “Smokes”, a stray cat with a broken paw and spirit, that found his angel one afternoon in February ..

This right here is what makes our hearts sing at The Indigo Phoenix Foundation! One of our sweetest board members bonding with the cat she rescued back in February!!!He limped to her doorstep but didn’t have any trust in humans, so Shannon knew what she had to do. Operation save kitty was in place and it was not easy. He was spicier than a hot tamale, and finding him help outside of the shelters Trap, Neuter and Release programs, finding this boy help was HARD!!!

Shannon seeked our help on what to do, and since she was too far away from us, she took our advice to keep him resting in a kennel and to keep searching for a veterinarian who had a heart full of gold to ( insert vet code of conduct here), and after months of searching she found him! The Doc kept him all day, gave him the care he needed and took x-rays that showed he was more than likely hit by a car. A true hero in our books!!!

Fast forward to today (almost 4 months later), and this hot tamale is melting in Shannon’s arms like a piece of chocolate on a hot summer’s day .

Learning For a Cause

It fills my heart to know that I can do some good in this world for an animal in need. This is my little Nemo. Even though he is no longer with us today, I am so glad we were placed together at the right time and place. 

I rescued Nemo from a dog who was attacking him. His arm was completely broken and he was defenseless. I scooped him up and immediately contacted The Indigo Phoenix Foundation to ask for guidance. Sadly  I had to make the decision to amputate his arm, but the foundation was there to support me and guide me through every decision to make sure Nemo had the proper care… They were AMAZING and taught me so much!

Big Heart for even the tiniest creatures!

There's no animal too big or too small... If it comes my way and needs me in some way, I will always do my best to help every animal on any day!

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