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Don’t Wait To Create – Why Actors Should Create Their Own Work

Creating Content is KING…

Would you agree with that statement? Because if you are an actor, creating your own content can be extremely beneficial. Think about it this way… You contribute a lot of time and money into your acting career. You invest in new headshots and are constantly taking classes so you can submit a killer audition that will book the gig. But what happens when you aren’t booking anything? You put in all of this time, effort and money to further your career, and yet you can’t seem to catch a break and book the next thing… What gives?

First of all, let me remind you that when you aren’t booking the role, it’s nothing personal! Keep doing what you are doing, because there are so many reasons why someone else was cast. This is just apart of show business my friend. However, if you can pivot your mind into a creative direction versus fixating on why nothing is happening, then you are already ahead of the game! Hear me out on this, because I promise there is a method to my madness!

Opportunities Are Everywhere

You just have to see the possibilities! In today’s day and age, we have the power of technology to create anything we wish. This is a blessing to actors, because when you can create, you can learn and grow into a better performer. Do you believe that’s possible? Because the best way to keep your momentum alive is by doing it.

You don’t need fancy equipment and you don’t need a big crew in order to get started with producing your own content either. All you need is your imagination, some good lighting, decent sound and your camera (and yes, your phone will work just fine). Do what you can with what you have. It’s not about perfection, it’s just about DOING IT!

Now the fun starts! It’s time to let your imagination run wild. Create some short stories that excite you. Work on building different characters for your scenes and practice your craft as an actor. BONUS: You will get more screen time, which means more opportunities to hone in on your camera and acting skills as well! After all, practice makes perfect 😉

Time To Express Yourself

Another awesome thing about creating your own work, is that you will have your own vision. Why is this important? Because when you have a vision, you have direction. And with direction comes confidence in your performance! By creating your own content, you are continuing to GROW as an artist!

Let the world see you for who you are and stop waiting for the opportunities to find you. There will always be moments where you feel like nothing is happening, but that’s just a feeling – NOT A FACT! So keep going and use your “downtime” to create something beautiful, empowering, thrilling and fun whenever you can. Find your motivation in your art and stop worrying about the other things you can’t control. Enjoy the process and know that everything is happening exactly as it’s meant to.

You still here? What are you waiting for my fellow actor, get out there and start creating!

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By: Shannon Scott

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