HINDERING BELIEFS – Holding You Back From Achieving Your Dreams.

Sabotaging Your Dreams?

Then you found this blog when you needed it most!

What Is Really Going On Here?

Are you constantly telling yourself that you aren’t good enough? Are you telling yourself there is no way you will make it in this crazy industry? Are you carrying this heavy weight over your shoulders of never being good enough to book the role? Well, it’s time to let go of all of these negative doubts you are holding onto so you can unleash your unique self to finally start following your heart and achieving your dreams. One step at a time. Let’s get down to business, let go of the thoughts that are NOT serving you, and say buh-bye to those negative vibes that are crushing your spirit and your dreams!

Sometimes you can want something so much that you actually push back in FEAR of not succeeding. As a human, we don’t want to get hurt. Rejection is something that none of us want to go through, yet it is a big part of being an actor. It’s hard, and I am gonna to be honest… We can’t always be in the happy go lucky zone when we are constantly being told NO. I know I’m not! I have to take a step back and assess what is going on in order to move forward.

What Do I Need To Do?

The truth is, that there are a lot of disappointments in the entertainment industry. Actors, Voiceover Artists, Singers, Dancers, and Performance Capture Talent are always searching for the big break that is going to launch our career forward. You work hard and crave success and want to know what you’re missing that is holding you back from booking the gig…

But I need to let you in on a little secret. Simply put, none of us know what we are doing – even those of us who have seen success in our careers. There is not a clear path and there are definitely no guarantees in this industry. There will be a lot of heartache, disappointment, and times where we say WTF and want to throw in the white flag on this so called dream lingering in our mind.

But guess what? We keep showing up. Regardless of how many times we are told (or not told in many cases) NO! One opportunity didn’t work out? Big whoop. There will be another one, and another one after that.

You aren’t booking because you aren’t pretty enough or you’re not talented enough for the role. Get that crap out of your head right now! Because believe it or not, YOU are the one holding your own self back from success. Yup, your own self-limiting beliefs and negative thoughts are preventing you from confidently submitting your auditions and putting yourself out there for the world to see in FEAR of what they might think about you. This sound familiar?

Trust me when I say I have battles in my head all of the time just like you when it comes to my acting career. I was one of the first free-diving mermaids for Ripley’s Aquarium, got best-actress awards for my first indie films I was cast for and even voiced big projects for companies such as IBM, Tresemme, Quaker, and The Walking Dead, to name a few. Yet I still have moments of “WTF now? Nothing is happening!”

Do you want to know something though? Although I have these moments of weakness and self doubt creep into my brain, I don’t allow myself to stay there! I assess why I am feeling the way I am feeling and ask myself what can I do in order to break free from these limiting beliefs of fear, doubt and low self-esteem? I reach out to my friends and they help pull me out of the bog of eternal stench. I listen to motivating podcasts, THETA music and watch high vibe content that helps me see past the fog that is filling my brain. I decide that I am not going to be the one who holds myself back from achieving my dreams!

It Boils Down To This:

You have a choice to what you want to believe. But you don’t have to do it ALONE! Surround yourself with a core group of people who will lift you up and keep you in-line and on track with achieving your dreams. Make a track of things to listen to when you are feeling down in the dumps. My Podcast “Shannon The Slayer” is a great one and you can check it out right here, or save it to your favorite podcasts on whatever platform you listen on!

Open your eyes and start changing your thoughts right now. Because even though you might not book something today, it doesn’t mean you won’t book something tomorrow.


Picture of By: Shannon Scott

By: Shannon Scott

Hi, I'm Shannon! A performer and motivator who has always loved to make others smile through the art of entertainment. Thanks for taking the time to read my posts, listen to my podcast and following me for motivation! Best wishes my friend. Keep smiling and NEVER give up!

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